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About Us

Pak Private Tutor provides in-house tutors throughout Pakistan. Home Tutor in Lahore, Home Tutor in Karachi, Home Tutor in Faisalabad, Home Tutor in Rawalpindi, Home Tutor in Islamabad. Our company also provides online class service. You can access our tutor services online via Skype worldwide. Our company also has the best Quran teachers who teach Quran in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi and all over the world.
Your children may need extra help with their assignments or exams, or they may need more than one mentor to better grasp the subject. The main goal of our organization is to meet the additional coaching needs of students who want to get good marks in exams. Our organization has excellent tutors who are subject matter experts and masters of their subjects and understand the appropriate examination needs of your child.

Our dedicated team of male and female home tutors is available in all the areas of the above-mentioned cities in Pakistan. The parents are only supposed to contact us and get their desired tutors who can meet the educational needs of their students

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