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Do you sometimes feel that even after studying for long hours, why you are not able to get a good score in the examination? Is it just your bad luck or either you are not following the proper plan to prepare for your examinations?

Well, possibly the second question holds vital importance which the students need to be aware of! Most of the students have a habit of getting stressed out or panic as soon as the examination gets closer. But trust me, this is one such stage of your student life when you need to show much of your patience and should have control over your mind.

Biggest Exam Mistakes of the Year

Right through this guide, we will explain to you with few of the major and biggest exam mistakes of the year which a student should avoid by hook or by crook. Let’s have a look below:


  1. Studying without any plan

Well, this is a common and quite a basic mistake which many of the students miss following. Even I am one of them! Most of the students create a study plan with full devotion which they can follow throughout the examination preparation. But once the laziness gets on them, they miss out on following the plan. This is where they are making a big mistake!

Creating a simple and easy-to-follow study plan will help you to compile all your activities in one line. It is not necessary to add the plan with just educational work. You can skip a few of the hours and involve yourself in some fun and gaming activities to relax your mind.

  1. Keep memorizing your study notes

Do you have a habit where you are reading your textbooks and notes all the time? If not, then develop this habit right now! It has been researched that reading your notes again and again and that too in the loud voice will help you to memorize things very easily and quickly. You should keep on reviewing the notes all the time so you can clear all the confusion popping up in your mind.

  1. Studying late at night for long hours

This is a big no! A student should never indulge themselves in late-night studying! It’s a big NO! Most of the students think that studying late at night would be a better option when the whole house is in silent mode. But it’s a general fact that no matter how many studies you want to do, you will feel lazy and sleepy at one hour of the night. So it’s useless!

Morning is the best time of the day when you should study because your mind is freshly working in the morning hours.

  1. Paying attention to making notes and not understanding it

Paying attention just to making notes and not understanding what the question is about is the biggest mistake that all students make. You should always pay attention to understanding the concept and make sure you clear all the questions which are stuck in your mind. Even if you are taking some notes, make sure the back story of the question is clear in your mind.

  1. Not doing any question practicing

Do you have a habit of not practicing the questions at all? Even I was in the habit of it because I hate to practice the questions all the time even I knew their answers. The main purpose to ask the practice is that it helps you to memorize the answer on a better scale and will help you to even understand that how much time it will take to write an answer.

You should have control of your mind and be confident with your body as well. You should never let your mind feel that how much nervous you are otherwise it can ruin your whole hard work. Plus, this will also enable you to get an idea that where you went wrong and how you can improve attempting the question better.

  1. Wasting time to read examination paper information

This is a common habit which is generally done by every student! You should never waste your time reading the examination information as you already know what you have to do and what you need to avoid. You have already received the examination details and center details through email so it is useless to read them out again in the examination center.

Put all your focus on the paper and fill it at your best without wasting any time. You should be saving the last of the few minutes of your paper to bring some add-ons to the paper to give your answer a better representation look.

  1. Not taking all the items with you on the exam day

Being stressed out and nervous on exam day is quite common. So you can expect that the student can miss taking some of their paper essentials on the first day of the examination. If you failed to collect all your items, then it is obvious that you are not even prepared for your examination as well.

You should not be the one who is forgetting to take the ID with them. You should make a checklist and make sure that you put all those items in the handbag. This includes:

  • Photographic ID
  • Face mask (if visiting an exam center)
  • Hand sanitizer (if visiting an exam center)
  • Water bottle
  • Pens
  • Calculator


So these have been a few of the basic tips to follow or mistakes to avoid on the exam day. If you are entering the examination hall for the first time, then it is evident that being stressed out and nervous is common. But you should have control over your mind and be confident with your body as well. You should never let your mind feel that how much nervous you are otherwise it can ruin your whole hard work.

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