Defance Housing Authority Lahore

Mention community, schools, tutor availability by car or bike, local transport, female tutor availability, availability of professional tutors, academies in dha, tutoring jobsDHA(Defence Housing Authority) is the most developed and well planned society in Lahore. It is very systematically designed and divided into 11 phases and several sectors. The lifestyle that people follow here is very luxurious and lucrative.

In each phase of DHA there are residential and commercial phases. The residential phase has houses and other residential units while in the commercial phase there are shops of several brands and food chain. One can find everything of their daily usage from these commercial markets.

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Educational Institutes:

 The most important of all are the schools, colleges and universities here. There are several top notch educational institutes of Pakistan are here. The network of these schools is arranged in such a way that all the phases of DHA have their access.

The schools that are situated in DHA Lahore include

  • FWS and Roots Millennium Schools, Lahore Campus
  • The City School – DHA Campus
  • DHA Kindergarten
  • DHA Senior School For Boys
  • The Educators, Defence Campus
  • Allied School Defence Campus
  • Defence Degree College For Boys
  • Beaconhouse TNS
  • Defence Public School Junior Campus
  • Lahore Model School
  • DHA Senior School for Girls
  • LGS International (DHA phase 8)
  • Kids Kampus, DHA
  • The Lahore Alma
  • Lahore Grammar School
  • DHA Junior Campus Z Block
  • Gymboree TNS
  • TAC School System Lahore
  • Learning Alliance – Lahore Preschool DHA
  • Roots IVY International School
  • Rising Star Pre School & Academy
  • Beaconhouse Ring Road Campus
  • Scarsdale International School Defence

The students who do their education here and finish A level or high school get their place in world’s most prestigious universities.

DHA has given their residents a comprehensive system for their education. Hence there are very well reputed universities also exist here which include Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore School of Economics (LSE), Lahore Garrison University, Lahore Leads University, Information Technology University and other prestigious institutes. Hence, the learning desire in the students of these universities is increasing a lot and every student wants to find a high rank in his or her field.

Teachers Available:

In order to meet the educational needs of the students there are a lot of educational support method. Some parents prefer to send their kids to academies in DHA while some prefer home tutoring for their kids. Therefore, to fulfill this demand there are male and female home tutors available in DHA. One can find them from the internet and arrange a trial session from them.

These home tutors are mostly university graduates and some of them also teach in the schools in DHA. It is up to you how you can negotiate terms with them and hire one for your kids. There are also female tutors working in this field as well. They are suitable for female students who do not want to study from male tutors. They are also university graduates or they teach in several schools in DHA.

Mode of Conveyance:

When you negotiate terms and conditions with any female tutor then you should know their mode of transport. Mostly they use rickshaw, careem or uber taxi or their self driven cars. While in most cases the male tutors use cars and motorbikes for their reach to the desired location.

The trend of home tutoring is very much common in DHA because the access of academies from the homes is not much suitable. Hence, it is the best mode of providing education to the kids but you must stay cautious while negotiating the terms with the tutors either male or female. Get home tutor in Lahore defance DHA .